Friday, June 12, 2015

Hospital and Work, Combined

There were mail sorting machines in the TV room, though they were not nearly as long, and ran silently. It had only a couple dozen bins, and despite having no visible intake, envelopes still filled up the slots.

I worked for a while, and the bins kept threatening to overflow, but never did jam; after a bit, the machine kept running but no more envelopes came out, and I settled down on the rightmost seat on the couch.

Two more people came out and settled on the couch, and they decided to lay down. The one in the middle leaned against my legs, and the one on the right against the person in the middle.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Twofer: Doppelganger and Middle School

Dreaming of stumbling across a girl who looks identical to Kit in every way I remember. This time, it was at an art/anime convention hosted by a mall that was half Chicago Premium Outlets and half Woodfield in Aurora. This is the second time this week I have dreamt of Kit and/or a doppelganger.

Then I was at my old middle school, after it had been deserted. Much of the grounds had flooded, fallen into disrepair.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


The dream started with me appearing in a room with a box in my hands. I had chosen a wizard class but invested heavily in practical fighting skills, which allowed me to defend and attack without magic.

Inside the box was a wizard's starting kit, and I pulled out a couple of choice pieces before locking it in my locker. I felt no compulsion to openly publish my class choice.

I looked around the room and grabbed a pair of short swords from a display case. It was a large room our team was to defend, and it looked like a museum arms-through-the-ages wing. I recognized a few items that would serve as magical conduits, and kept a mental note of their locations as I scouted for the rest of my team.

Several hours later, when the monsters were pouring in, but I had grown in strength, myself and another teammate would discover that the spawning room and boss were in a basement directly below our wing, and there was a trapdoor in the back underneath a shamanism display. All of the items in the display were dark and rich with power.

I grabbed one as we passed, shaped like a eight foot long bow. My partner looked at me and asked if I knew what it was. Only now, for the first time, did I admit my class choice, and then we descended into the basement.

There, we found a dragon.