Saturday, January 29, 2011


Steve wanted me to fight for him (MMA, not wrestling), joining the beginners' division, local chapter, him as my sponsor. I signed up, and he gave me the date of the first meeting - the 15th.

I was at my high school, but was in college. My first block class was Amer Hist in room 115 which was down at the end of the hall.

The teacher had classmates alternate between reading the beginning chapters of the book and the syllabus. In the syllabus and in the textbook, there was a mention of safety and security for minority students. An administrator came into the room and installed a wide and short box on one of the doors in the back of the room, then opened it and showed us a small room with two other doors for access into the room from the outside of the building. The device on the inside door was to allow only students into the classroom.

I'd taken the class before, so I stepped out, thinking about the meeting, and passed into the Box.

After several minutes, Jill, as a hall monitor, approached, and my mind starting racing for a reason to be out of class and "wandering the halls" but when she opened the door, it was only to tell me 15-minute break was about to begin. After she finished saying it, the bell rang.

I walked back down to 115 to grab my things which I'd left on my desk, and found a small crowd gathered outside the classroom. I followed their ringleader into the room, where he confronted a group of dark-tanned students who weren't there when I left. They were trying to blend in with the rest of the class.

"You don't belong here, you don't go to school here. You're just trapped here from 1945. Now get out," the ringleader told them.

They left the room.

I grabbed my things and instead of leaving, went into the "Safe Room" and stayed until it got dark, then re-entered the school.

End Dream
Woke on Jan 29, 2011 morning at 0330