Saturday, March 19, 2011


I don’t know how they captured me, or how long I was held, but I know I escaped. There was a play or production upstairs from where they kept me, and someone who was captured with me but who was treated to a lower level of security and more freedoms was allowed to watch. She convinced them to let me come with.

When I say stairs, I don’t mean a vertical shaft containing stairs that zigzag back and forth. The stair were all in a line, except for the other hallway of stairs going back downward, making the shape of them into an upside-down, lower-case y.

The hall/stairway was packed with people, all waiting to get in, so I had to crawl under them. They obligingly lifted their feet, as they had nothing against me, nor did the recognize that I was even the prisoner.

Myself, my friend, and someone she rescues made it to the top of the stairs, regrouped, and then we left.

I was at home, in the basement, with my mom and sister, when a train went by through the rails that ran along the back end of our property. The train was very wide, and the car tilted as necessary to allow it to squeeze through small spaces, but there was a problem with the tinder car.The gizmo that allowed it to expand as it passed through our backyard wasn’t able to compact the cargo back down when the train passed behind our neighbor’s fence, and it fell apart, the twitching remnants setting off sparks and lighting the tinder on fire.

We had to leave the house, and I was the first one out. My mom and sister had been sheltering me, because people wanted me back in their prison/dungeon. The neighbor across the street worked for them but supported me, so she hid in a tree on the west side of her front yard with a small caliber machine gun with somewhat small clips.

As I ran across the street from the fire, she started shooting, and I dove and dodged, hiding behind narrow trees until she emptied her clip, then running to the next one before she brought the gun back to bear.

I ran to a neighbor’s house, where KM was being kept, hidden and quiet, and she was pretending to be mentally damaged and challenged, in the basement. While looking fr a place to hide, I discovered AM hiding from me, visiting AM as a friend. I convinced her to allow me to hide, and a found a small space to curl up in in the attached warehouse.

They found KM, and while one of the men stood over her and tried to get information out of her (which she struggled to resist and succeeded) the rest of the men came into the warehouse to find me and started tearing it apart.

We all got free somehow, but the details are fading too quickly now for me to write them down.