Friday, December 16, 2011


I became a student of an older tutor in college. He was a collector of strange artifacts, and he taught me that those artifacts did more than have historical value or sit on a shelf and look nice.

The first that he showed me was a ring that made the wearer invisible, and he gave it to me while I helped him hunt down more artifacts. The ring was steel with two angled edges and a split between the two, instead of being simply rounded. This ring he had found in his younger days, but now he was getting too old to hunt down the others.

The second he showed me was a blade that could cut through anything.

I was not the only of his students, but I was the first, the most dedicated, and the most trustworthy. He let me hold onto the useful artifacts between jobs.

I was a loner and the second student was jealous of my sucess and special treatment.

One day, I was walking in a large outdoor mall with the sword strapped to my back and the ring around the hilt so no one could see it. I also wore a pairr of sunglasses that allowed me to hear the surface thoughts of people around me, and I'd practiced with them long enough to not be overwhelmed and to sift through them.

He attacked me, and wrestled the sword from my grasp, but not before I was able to slip on the ring. I ran into a service hallway, and threw open the door at the other end, but instead of running out, I climbed up to the steel i-beams holding the ceiling and hung there. He didn't fall for my trick, and I avoided his attacks by listening to his thoughts, but I knew he was going to catch me eventually.

I took off the glasses and taped them to the top of the i-beam where nobody would find them, and then slipped an artifact of my own creation into my mouth. I swung my body, so that when I hit the floor, I'd be under a different i-beam.

The artifact I made was a ring carved by hand out of wood, and made me appear dead. I clenched my teeth around it, and when he reached down, he felt no breath or pulse. He carried me out back and transmuted a hole through the asphalt and left me there, still wearing the invisibility ring.

I wasn't afraid.