Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hat Tree

There was a serial bomber who hadn't been caught, but he left tips at all the locations that were going to get hit. Hats, with college initials, most of them from BFUN.

My dad (who looked suspiciously like Nathan Fillion) was out golfing with two buddies (who looked suspiciously like the two sidekicks from Castle) were golfing in the woods, when they started seeing hats with the initials BFUN. They followed the trail and came out in our backyard (I hadn't moved out yet). There were dozens of hats in a large tree in our backyard, and the bomber rarely left more that five or so at a target. I knew the bomb was going to be big.

(Gained control here)

The buddies vanished, and Dad and I ran inside. I started packing, and told Dad "I told you earlier that some friends and I were going hiking and camping out in Ogle. They're getting started a few days early, so I'm going to join them early," meanwhile scribbling on a piece of paper that he should go to my grandparents' and his parents-in-law and to get in touch with Mom (who was out shopping).

I started packing necessities and grabbed my external hard drive, but left the rest of my computer behind, and made sure Dad saw what I was doing. After I had everything packed, I called the local non-emergency police number, and told them "I think we're having some problems with our gas line, but I don't want to stay in the house and dig for the number." When they asked if I knew who our supplier was, I said "BF something." They thanked me and said they'd send someone over.

I drove to Hoshi's house, and picked her up (she lived in the same subdivision) and told her to tell her folks the same reason I was using. She packed a few bags, threw them in my car, and I drove to another friend in-town, further west. (Seiai, who used to live closer, had already moved away.)

I hopped on his wifi, and start sending out messages to other local friends, asking them to trust my gut instinct and get out of town for a few days. My screen started twitching and misbehaving, and I popped out the battery (one of the fastest ways to turn it off).

Kyle--the friends whose house we were at--was freaked out what I just did to my laptop.

I told him my computer scans itself every time it boots, and if something doesn't look right, like a virus, it wipes itself and loads factory defaults.

"What about your data?"

"It's not stored locally. This, my friend, is the future in cloud computing: the CR48."

He was amazed that I had one (didn't say anything but I could see it). I turned my computer back on, and as I signed back on, I woke up.