Monday, December 12, 2011


I'm reading a book while lying in bed about a group of people called the shoshendi. There is a powerful mad magician on the loose and he is attacking cities and houses randomly in the desert region.

A small house alone on the beach where an artist lives comes up with the idea to put up a large billboard between his house and the approach of the man that shows nothing but bare desert.

The magician comes, and seeing nothing but bare beach, leaves without doing anything.

The artist tells the council of a city, and he recommends that they "deestroy" their city, such that it already looks abandoned and ruined. The council votes, and by a small margin, the decision passes.

A woman and a man are out of the city several miles, and they cannot see it. He is flirting with her, trying to convince her to act more femine and needy, when she senses something wrong with the city.

He tries to stop her but she beats him, throws him to the ground, climbs on her horse and rides towards the city. She sees the madman approaching the city in ruin slowly, confusedly. The wall is fallen, gate hanging off its hinges, and still smoking.

I hear an alarm and wake.