Monday, January 30, 2012


Three boys in our class were looking to compete on a whole new level, since they'd tied on so many easier tests. They planned on a super-high altitude jump.

Only the boys and I went into the plane, and I was there to chronicle the journey, their hopes and fears.

When we got to the jump point, we realized that they'd forgotten something, and I'd forgotten to strap myself down securely enough not to get sucked out of the plane with them. I hastily tied myself with a long length of rubber bungee to my laptop and the bolted legs of the row seats. (The plane was little more than a flying schoolbus)

Then the driver opened the back door,, and the first two boys let go and let themselves be sucked out into the air. The third boy decided not to go through with it, but got sucked out before they could close the door.

When all of us got back on the ground, only the third boy had survived the jump, and our class stood and sat around his dying and broken body, honoring their journey. I was still tied to my equipment, and i sat inside the ring.

They remarked about looking forward to my story, but i doubted if i would ever finish it.