Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dream Journals Aren't Just Words

Had two similar dreams, the first was simply about renting a second apartment in DeKalb (though "DeKalb" looked more like a combination between Normal and Waubonsee than DeKalb), paid for by my folks.

The second was set several months later. I hadn't been to the apartment in a long time, so I could hardly remember where it was. It was still filled with my stuff that I'd been missing from my "primary" (real) apartment.

But the second dream was focused on the door, which only had one measly lock through the door handle, no deadbolt, no security chain. The afternoon, an old enemy, DRD saw me entering my apartment, and decided he wanted a confrontation. I barely was able to keep the door shut with my own weight.

The next day I confronted the landlady about it and demanded being allowed to install a deadbolt and a security chain. After lengthy badgering, she okayed it, as long as I paid out of my pocket.

The locksmith came and installed a deadbolt that went all the way through the door, into the frame on both sides, and two security chains. I don't think he ended up charging me.