Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Change the Ending

the world ends when the ash trees fall,
bringing the oceans rushing down
out of the sky and onto the land,
a torrent of panic, a torrent of sound.

we sat in the amphitheatre and saw it begin,
two great trees falling without any wind,
the world's waterfall became a roaring wave
and we had no-where to hide or be safe.

with a great grating, the stands came alive:
old machinery awakened and kicked into drive.
the chairs scrolled into lines on forgotten tracks,
I was pushed into one as it rumbled past.

the caretaker was shouting for all to sit,
my classmates were frightened, standing in fits;
but I grabbed one as I passed so near,
pulled her in the next behind me chair.

to a column they swiveled around,
hooking, descending, away from the sound;
a safe room and silent, dark and so deep.
she shrieked "don't let me alone please!"

the ancients were understanding of fear
and locked together the two of our chairs.
the bunker sorted and split up my 'mates,
efficiently stored within the space.

water drew closer, ceilings did tremble,
dust shook down and worried did mumble,
but the builders built well, all was secured,
all who sat, who trusted, like her.

we laid in the bunker, side by side.
she, troubled by fear, shook and cried.
I knew not all made it, not near enough time,
but I held her close, comforting and alive.

written: 22 Jan 2013

I've had this dream, still as vivid as when I woke on the twelfth, unresting in my head, trying to find the best way to capture it. Finally managed to get this down, which was not the form I expected it to land in.

The girl who followed me was the only person I knew from the consensual reality, someone I went to middle school with, KM. All other characters were strangers, aged between 18 and 30. The dream originally had an unfortunate ending, but with WBTB, I was able to backtrack and correct it to something more pleasant.

The end of the world beginning by the falling of enormous ash trees was different, though symbolically appropriate for Pagans and Celts. Not far prior to this dream, I was doing some research into alternative zodiac signs, and discovered my Celtic tree sign is the ash tree.

Method of scrolling chairs is not dissimilar to locker/canoes in "City of Ember," though the chairs in my dream were more flexible, tightly woven cloth unfolding into cots as they descended into the bunker.

Vividity: 10/10
Control: 3/10
Recall: 10 days prior to recording, no loss in quality.