Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hung Up To Dry (Mature)

Mature Content: The following dream may not be suitable for all ages.

We were going in to get the car repaired, and in the floors above the auto-shop, a husband and wife took in stray miscreants.

When we walked in, they were stringing up the non-rehabilitated to the ceiling, hands bound above their heads, ball gags that hung around their necks were lifted into their mouths and tightened, and they held themselves up on the tips of their toes. Of the six being strung up, five were female, and all were clothed (though not especially conservatively).

I found myself immediately attracted to one in particular and couldn't stop staring at her. She was shorter than the others, five-two or so, petite, and small-ch3ested either a large A to a B. All of the other girls were much more endowed.

As we at down to join the husband and wife at their meal (with the non-rehabilitated made to watch) two very conservative and busty girls walked in and past us, pulling with them three black men who were barely dressed. They opened a door in the other side of the room and headed downstairs.

The strung up guy couldn't help but stare at the girls passing, and the strung up girls at the passing guys--except for the one who I had my eyes on, and she was staring back at me. One of the passing girls noticed this and made a comment, bringing everybody else's attention to it too.

The wife offered to my mother (whose car was in the shop) to re-educate me for "better behaviour" and my mother readily agreed. They string me up in the hook above where I had been sitting, but didn't put my in a ball-gag, out of :concern that he would drown in his drool."

I still hadn't said a word.

"At least he knows how to keep his mouth shut." Apparently the others around the table didn't, as we watched them eat, all of us hungry--thus the reason and need for the gags.

During the meal, the wife groped and teased me until my erection was visible to everyone at the table, and clearly smaller erect than the black flaccid ones that had passed by earlier. The girl who watched me blushed visibly from watching me, and they teased her for it.

After the meal, my mother left, and the husband and wife escorted up upstairs to our quarters.


Vividity: 9/10
Control: 1/10