Saturday, January 10, 2015

First Successful WILD

The redwood I chose was distant enough from the trail that it wouldn't be casually discovered, but wasn't so far that I had to wrestle my bike and my trailer through untended brush for too long. I fished out my climbing robe and grappling hook, and started throwing.

It took a few tries, unpracticed as I was, but eventually I hooked a relatively low-hanging branch and hauled myself up. I'm not proud that I struggled on the rope as much as I did, but I have a problem with wrist-seperatation, so never got much practice in.

Once at the top, I stung up a simple pulley system and a rope platforf and hauled up my bicycle and trailer, that latter of which took me to nightfall. I spent the night curled into my emergency blanket, not having light or strength enough to hang my tent.

Come morning and light, I stretched my joints and finished setting up "camp:"

A tarp hung down from the edge of my rope platform and I tied back to the trunk underneath to reduce drafts from below and hide my cheap tent, which was painfully orange;

A tarp hung above to keep me dry, cut out the drafts above, and collect some water;

A second rope plaform with its own roof the rest my bike;

And a rope reaching across gaps to two other trees to hang my food and waste.

That took me all of the next two days, and on the fourth day, I rested.

Control: 9/10
Vividity: 3/10