Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Nothing Special

"Tell me Ace--you don't mind if I call you Ace? No? Good. Tell me, Ace, are you armed?"


"Focus, Ace. Are you armed? Are you carrying any weapons?"

"What? I don't think so, no. Why?"

"That's a shame, Ace. It really is. I was hoping you were going to make it difficult for me to catch you. I had hoped you would put up a fight. And yet, here you are, just strolling in like you have nothing to be worried about."

"What is this? What am I?"

"You? Oh, don't worry, you're nothing special. Who you're going to lead us to now, that's a whole different can of worms."


"You don't know? Well, that's just classic." The man starts laughing, walks to the office door and calls out into the waiting room. "He says he doesn't know."

A chorus laughter joins his own, several voices I don't know.

"Well, guess what, Ace? It doesn't matter what you know, because you're going to do it all the same. Here." He advances on me, pulling the sci-fi birth-child of a pistol and a syringe out of a rear holster.

I didn't move, because I didn't have anywhere to go.

"Don't worry, this will hurt a lot."

"...Two...One. And you're awake. Come back to me now. You there?"

I sat forward slowly, my neck feeling slightly cramped. "What did... John?"

"You're back with me now. Whatever you saw in there, it has no power over you, remember that. You were saying a name, over and over. Why don't we start there?"

"What was the name?"