Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bicycle Race

I show up to a bicycle competition that's being held on an indoor track field, and I'm using my normal bicycle, while everyone else has a special racing bicycle. Somehow, I'm not able to start on time, and begin the race after it's been running for 45 minutes. The race is 500m though it feels much longer because we make quite a few laps, and I'm able to come in second place.

Later, people that have been in other sports and performed much worse than I are celebrated, while I am ignored.

At school a few days following, when on my way to class, I notice my bag has been moved to an office on the opposite side of the hall, along with DZ's, and there is a tutor, female, inside. She gets me started answering some questions, which ask me about my cat. The questions make perfect sense to her, but not logical sense to me. I also seem to be older than all my classmates by several years; I am 21, and the rest are 18 and 19.