Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Apple

I caught the golden Apple.

"Don't throw it!"

Right. Throwing it from one person to another was exactly how it had landed in my hands, each toss being intercepted by opposite sides. Instead, I wrapped my hands around it tightly, obscuring the glimmering flesh from view.

A clay cat brought to life bounded up to me, it's purr grating on my ears.

"What does it do?"

Bathet shook her head. "I will not tell you."

The cat rubbed against me, trying to tempt my hands away from the apple.

"What does it do?"

Baphet shook her head. "I will never tell you."

The cat batted my hands, claws retracted, threatening to extend them, trying to scare my hands away from the apple.

I wrapped my body around it, protecting my hands, and stomped my feet against the floor. "Thrice I ask and let it be done. What does it do?" I shouted.

Baphet sat on her haunches and the clay cat whimpered and backed away. "You will not be tempted."

I climbed to my feet, still holding it tightly concealed within my hands, and stared at her.

"It flays the skin from your bones and your are reborn with unimaginable beauty."

My breath is caught in my throat, and I choke on it. "In truth?" I run back down the hall, friends and foes paused in their struggles with each other to stare at me. Just inside the front door stands a woman, my squad leader. "In truth?"

She glares at me for almost a minute while everybody else holds their breath, before nodding once.

I stumbled to a halt in the middle of the floor, my eyes catching on glimpses of gold between my fingertips. "Like Adonis?"

Only Baphet has moved, only coming as close as she had been at the other end of the hall. "Yes."

I gasped, and she looked at me in surprise.

"You are tempted?"

Dream Ends, 8:59