Wednesday, May 6, 2015


The dream started with me appearing in a room with a box in my hands. I had chosen a wizard class but invested heavily in practical fighting skills, which allowed me to defend and attack without magic.

Inside the box was a wizard's starting kit, and I pulled out a couple of choice pieces before locking it in my locker. I felt no compulsion to openly publish my class choice.

I looked around the room and grabbed a pair of short swords from a display case. It was a large room our team was to defend, and it looked like a museum arms-through-the-ages wing. I recognized a few items that would serve as magical conduits, and kept a mental note of their locations as I scouted for the rest of my team.

Several hours later, when the monsters were pouring in, but I had grown in strength, myself and another teammate would discover that the spawning room and boss were in a basement directly below our wing, and there was a trapdoor in the back underneath a shamanism display. All of the items in the display were dark and rich with power.

I grabbed one as we passed, shaped like a eight foot long bow. My partner looked at me and asked if I knew what it was. Only now, for the first time, did I admit my class choice, and then we descended into the basement.

There, we found a dragon.