Tuesday, March 19, 2019

19 Mar 2019

bookstore run by an Asian woman with a speakeasy in the back filled with banned and restricted books. friend gave me the password.

she recommends a book to me, which is tantamount to requesting a toll. she came into the back room and found i hadn't picked it up yet.

at her insistence, I find it in the shelves. part of a series, it seems, but not all the books are there. I grab the lowest number series 2 volume 10, but before I open it, she warms me that not everything was meant to be read in order. sure points to series 2 volume 17, and I pick that one instead.

when I open the book, I realize it's telling a story of my Life, that age, and the book suddenly sucks me into it.

she cries out something in Korean to me and shuts the book where it goes on the floor, and waits for me to come back.