Sunday, July 25, 2021

Chicago at 7

I was in downtown with my bug out bag. It was the peach and blue Kelty I've been looking at, but it had a full rain cover like an osprey.

Suddenly I got a weird vibe. Something was wrong.

I tried to get an El back to the loop to get out of dodge but the app wasn't working and the help desk (real person at a desk) told me there wouldn't be a train back to Batavia for 54 hours.

I started walking, trying to reach out to anyone I knew in the area, but nobody picked up. I did have their names and my phone was working fine (couldn't use it as a dream check). Bob, Dan, and Dean.

I walked out to Dean's work and they wouldn't let me in.

I walked to Dan's work, and they wouldn't let me in, but they talked to me, and helped me realize what was wrong. It was 7pm on a Saturday and there was no one on the road, no one on the sidewalks. Just me.

Except they looked at me like I was crazy. They could still see the foot and road traffic.

I walked back to the metra station and it was quiet. I tried climbing behind one of the restaurant counters and they tried to take my bag away so I ran.

I ended up walking down a meaningless stretch of road, when I saw a strange alley out the corner of my eye. I turned and walked down it, and suddenly I could hear the traffic again. Before I could turn around to look at it, I woke up.